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Bando Kamezo

Bando Kamezo

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Bando Kamezo

Art. Nr. KUN02 - Size 23cm

The Kabuki actors were national heroes, although they belonged to the hinin, the lowest class. They were considered as idols by the audience. Consequently, the portraits of the actors (which were also on sale at the theatre) sold out fast.

This object was made of resin/resin cast and elaborately painted by hand. Museum replica from the series Museum Collection.

The world portrayed by the art of Japanese printing can be captured under one romantic, by origin Buddhist, name - ukiyo-e, or the floating world. It's a world of brief amusement and pleasure - of daily life like it took place between the 17th and 19th century in theatres, on the street and during parties and festivals.

Kunsinada Utagawa (1786-1865) During his lifetime Kunisada was considered one of the greatest ukyio-e artists. As a son of a rich merchant from Edo, he learned his trade in the prominent Utagawa Toyokuni studios. After publication of his first portraits of Kabuki actors in 1808 his fame rose to great heights. Commercially he became the most successful wood block print artist ever.

Ichikawa Kodanji IVIchikawa Kodanji IV

Ichikawa Kodanji IV

Item number: KUN01
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Geisha in magnificent kimonoGeisha in magnificent kimono

Geisha in magnificent kimono

Item number: EIS01
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Chiba Sabrohei MitsutadaChiba Sabrohei Mitsutada

Chiba Sabrohei Mitsutada

Item number: KU03
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Mase Chudayu Masa-akiMase Chudayu Masa-aki

Mase Chudayu Masa-aki

Item number: KU02
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Gyokukirin RoshungiGyokukirin Roshungi

Gyokukirin Roshungi

Item number: KU01
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Kaigetsudo AndoKaigetsudo Ando

Kaigetsudo Ando

Manufacturer: Westland
Item number: KAI01
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