General Information
The Bonus Club is an additional service for you. Participation in the Club is free and open to all our customers. GaleriaZug reserves in some cases the right to reject without reasoning.
As a member of the Bonus Club you can achieve two different status levels. The 2 levels are SILVER and GOLD and dependent of your cumulative purchases. The more you purchase at GaleriaZug the higher the status. Revenue is derived from all purchases excluding shipping costs and returns.
Once the respective status is achieved it will remain until the end of participation. However GaleriaZug is in the case of late payment or returns authorized to decrease the level or exclude the customer from participating in the club. The following levels are available:
                             SILVER from CHF250 in sales
                             GOLD from CHF500 in sales
The bonus/rebate will be deducted from the current level achieved directly from the accumulated total bill and reflected on the invoice. The rebate for the two levels is:
                             Silver 5% of the goods purchased
                             Gold 10% of the goods purchased
Change of bonus status
The status change is automatic and the participants will be confirmed in writing. Upon receipt of the confirmation, all subsequent orders are reduced by the same percentage.